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  • Home Economics Education


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  • 2020

    Family Resource Management

  • 2020

    Teaching Methods for Home Economics Education 2


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  • “Family Resilience among Sojourning JapaneseMothers: Links to Marital Satisfaction and Children’s Behavioral Adjustment″

    Izumi.M & Gullon-Revela.A

    Family & Consumer Science Research Journal ( Family & Consumer Science Research Journal )  ( 18 ) 282 - 296   2018.03  [Refereed]

    Academic Journal  Multiple authorship


  • A MArriage Education Program for the Mid-lofe Needs to Introduced to Help Improve the QOL of Mid-life Japanese Couples

    Yoshiko Taya, Mitsuyo Izumi

      ( 25 ) 165 - 175   2019.03

    Others  Multiple authorship

    Marriage education is a program that was developed in the US to resolve problems occurring in the
    lives of couples. The goal of the current study was to use that program to develop a marriage education program for
    mid-life Japanese couples in order to help improve the quality of life (QOL) of mid-life members of Japan's
    superannuated population. This study ascertained problems occurring in the lives of mid-life Japanese couples and
    it revealed the need for marriage education for the mid-life to resolve those problems. This study also examined
    whether the concept of marriage education and the information taught in the US could be applied to mid-life Japanese
    couples. Maintaining a good marital relationship is crucial to improving the QOL of mid-life Japanese couples after
    retirement. To that end, an educational program needs to be developed to teach couples the knowledge and skills to
    create a better marital relationship.


  • Applying "ELEVATE", an American Marriage Education Program, to Mid-life Japanese Couples: The Current States and Needs of Mid-life Japanese Couples

      ( 25 ) 177 - 186   2019.03

    Others  Multiple authorship

    To ascertain the current state of marital relationships involving 20 men and women age 60 or over and
    to ascertain what information needed to be taught in marriage education in order to develop marriage education to
    help improve the quality of life (QOL) of mid-life Japanese and to verify whether American marriage education
    could be used in Japan. Although mid-life participants were satisfied with their marital relationships, they were also
    aware that their marital relationships were not what they wanted them to be. Participants were dissatisfied with
    their spouses and they had different values. Although participants acted separately, they wanted a mental connection
    to their spouses. The top 3 topics needed in marriage education for the mid-life were: 1. marital communication
    techniques, 2. ways to check for mutual understanding, and 3. good ways to spend time together as a couple. Midlife Japanese couples need to be taught the knowledge/ skills to understand and discuss their values and views on
    life to create an emotionally satisfying relationship that respects their differences. Results indicated that the
    information taught in American marriage education can be used in Japan. Educational materials need to be developed
    for mid-life Japanese couples with an emphasis on communication techniques and methods of fostering mutual


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  • 2015.05

    National Council on Family Relations